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TUCON user conference event visual language

Stakeholders: I worked with the design team, and partnered with the events team, third-party vendors, the web team, and the content team.

Problem: We didn’t have a prompt or theme for this event, but circumstances required us to still move forward with a look and feel in order to prepare for the event while a theme could be approved.

Solution: Instead of coming up with something that could potentially clash with the theme when it was decided, I leaned into TIBCO’s pre-existing visual language for our five pillars of product categories. Each of those categories was represented by an icon and color, so I leveraged those icons and those colors, and reduced them to the essential building blocks of shapes, a pixel or a square, that when combined could have limitless potential—just like our product suite.

This was my first opportunity to pitch a design for the conference and my design was chosen.

I set the style guide for the event, and designed the following components:

  • Save the date website

  • event website

  • mobile app

  • program guide

  • modular welcome signage

  • digital signage

  • wall decals

  • solutions hub sponsor finder

  • social media graphics

  • swag

Once the event was over I contributed to the post-mortem sharing my findings on what we could do to improve various aspects for following years. Our Event director and VP of marketing were so impressed they awarded me MVP, the first instance of such an award being presented in Marketing at TIBCO since I arrived.


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