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Josipa Ćaran Šafradin


Graphic and web designer with 14+ years experience specializing in enterprise website design, brand identity, and design systems

I am passionate about typography, web design, maintaining brand standards, and continually learning.

As far back as my memory goes, I have always been a creator and problem solver uniquely intrigued by the visuals of the world around me. A child of frugal immigrants, I molded “clay” pots and animals from the mud of our backyard and turned the bark of the grey walnut tree into my crayon canvas. Despite the tendency of parents to push their children towards more sensible careers, my parents nurtured my interest in art because they trusted that I would always find a way to get things done.


And for the last 14 years, I have been getting a lot done. From leading the design of TIBCO’s annual user conference and creating design systems for cohesiveness and efficiency, to working with executives on their presentations and redesigning the enterprise website of a billion dollar software company. I do this, because good design is invaluable. I do this, because details can make or break a design. I do this, because a good design won’t guarantee a product sells or a book gets read, but a bad design can guarantee it won’t.

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