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Contact Us Redesign

Our Contact page was a constant subject of testing as it is our main source of web leads. This latest round was inspired by a couple of hypotheses suggested by our A/B testing vendor.

01 All content visible on load

We removed the content tucked into accordions, still kept everything organized in sections, but showed all sections on load.

02 Form higher up on the page

Previous tests results had us relocating the form from the right side of the page to the left, and setting the form fields into two columns to appear shorter. We took this to a new level. In this round, I shortened the banner height, set the main page banner as our standard gradient background instead of a distracting stock photo, and brought up the form to overlap the gradient.

03 Form highlighted to standout

I kept the section separators light, and neutral in color as to not compete with the light blue/teal gradient of the form background.

04 Customer Validation

Our vendor suggested adding a section to provide concrete social proof of our products.

As one of our most visited pages, it didn't long take to get results.

Form submits were up 8.5% Support portal engagement went up 27% Bounce rate improved by 6.6%



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